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Decentralized Technology Support

First BlockChain & Cryptocurrency based IoT Services Marketplace driven by Artificial Intelligence

ICO dates: january 30th — March 31th, 2018
public sale starts in



SupportMarket is creating a Decentralized Marketplace on BlockChain for consumers & businesses alike to find technical support for in-home devices, computer equipments, and the IoT devices, gradually evolving into a marketplace for connected devices to seek pro-active support driven by AI & least possible manual intervention. As the marketplace evolves into warranty services it provides a paradigm shift, where consumers or devices can hold tokens entitling them to technical support, and allowing them to choose the best technicians/technology based on expertise & reputations irrespective of the age, make or warranty status of the device.

Why Support Market


Token name
Token Ticker
Token Owner
Support Market Inc., United States
Token type
Ethereum ERC23
Token Sale Target
Hard Cap at USD 50 Million
Total Tokens Issued
500 Million
Token Price
ICO Token Pricing will be 1USD = 4 SMT Tokens
No mining

ICO Phase Timeline

Pre-Sale Period

30th Jan’30 – 18th Mar’17

Public Sale

1st Apr’31 – 18st Apr’18

Token Use

Immediate use for discounted purchase of products & services listed on Support Market after ICO is declared closed & tokens released to respective Support Wallets. Continued use as Dapp ecosystem incentive, to register with the marketplace, use marketplace product licenses, transactional use etc.

Token Transfer

Tokens will be transferred to buyers upon payment confirmation. Purchased tokens will not be active during the pre-order period (i.e. sale or transfer of tokens will not be possible until the ICO is complete at the end of the respective ICO phase closing date. Tokens will become activated automatically upon ICO completion date and can be freely transferred or engaged). Institutional investors buying under SAFT agreements will have the tokens released as per vesting schedule.

Use of Proceeds

Primarily for Marketplace Development, Product Enhancement, R&D, Legals, Operations & Marketplace go live. Details explained in Use of Proceeds section.

Tokens Distribution:

(Same Each Phase)

  • 10 % Partner Ecosystem
  • 10 % Management & Employees ("Employee Tokens")
  • 20 % Company Reserve Tokens


At the pre-order period Support tokens will be available with a bonus structure as publicised on the official token ICO site.

LockUp Period

Employees undertake a 36 months progressive lock up period from the date of issue. No sale, transfer or pledge of Employee Tokens during this tenure will be permitted. Management tokens will be progressively vested for 48 months.

Project mission

Create a secure, transparent and standardized trading environment

“Future disruption doesn’t lie in technology alone, but rather in the global acceptance of an ecosystem that lies at the point of convergence for BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things.”

Ankit Chaudhari


ICO Roadmap

Initial token owners brought into the project using SAFT agreements.
SupportMarket tokens will be offered as Reg A+ Security Tokens with SEC Filing for public Sales. The registration approval is expected within 4 weeks of the application i.e. by early February.
While the development will progress during the entire exercise, with SEC approvals we will initiate the Token Public Sales along with the beta live for the marketplace at this time. The target raise is USD 50 Million. Initial beta will operate free of cost with dummy tokens to showcase functionalities
With the ICO completed SupportMarket will start crediting the user wallets with the purchased tokens against payments. Basis SAFT or Token Sale agreement the tokens trade options will be accordingly open to the token owners.
Rega + Filing
Public Sale
Token Release



Evolving market as well as technology with market size so huge & no clear leader immediately.